“We have been using the TBS-1080 system for a few years now and love the time savings of using this. There is no residue to clean up like there was in all the years of using Paraformaldehyde and Ammonia bicarbonate to do decontaminations. Overall, it’s a much cleaner and safer way to do decontaminations.”

—  Brain Mentink, Laboratory Safety Supervisor, BalCon

“The generator (TBS-1080), chemical bottles and process controller aspect is really very utilitarian, we really love that.”

— Matthew Lemieux, PharmaCerts, LLC

“One thing that we like and we did not expect to hear was that customers are pleased that their lab wasn’t shut down for 6 hours while the decon process and work was being performed. Great time saver.”

— Greg Roszkowski, TechScan, Inc.

“The overall decontamination process was extremely easy. We liked how light the equipment was and the cartridges made life really simple” 

— Mark Lenhart, Clean Air Testing, Inc.

“We have performed quite a few decontaminations using your system. We have had positive kills on tops of exhaust HEPA filters.”

— Leif Martin, Allometrics, Inc., Texas

TBS now offers a choice of carbon scrubber units to easily, quickly and safely eliminate the Chlorine Dioxide gas when the disinfection is done, and to provide recirculation of the CD gas during the decontamination procedure. Download the brochure here.


Below are links to articles and information that provide further insight and details about chlorine dioxide and related topics.

What is chlorine dioxide?

EPA Compilation of Available Data on Building Decontamination Alternatives [PDF]

EPA Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants Guidance Manual [PDF]

Chlorine dioxide has been recognized for its disinfectant properties since the early 1900s.

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